Mac and Cheese Waffle Recipe

Mac and Cheese Waffles

Breakfast time may be over but don't put away that waffle maker just yet! Now it's time to make some waffle maker mac and cheese! This amazing recipes for mac and cheese waffles is perfect for dinner or lunch or even just an afternoon snack. So how do we make this magical food? Let's take a look…

Whip up a Batch

Our recipe for mac and cheese waffles is pretty straight forward. Start by making a simple box of mac and cheese, any type will do but I'm a big fan of Annie's Classic Cheddar. If you happen to already have left over mac and cheese that you'd like to use, feel free to use it! All you really need is 4 cups of cooked mac and cheese and you're ready to go!

Next, add some more cheese! Extra cheese is not only important to add more flavor (who would ever turn down extra cheese?) but it will also help the waffles stick together and add a nice crispy texture to the waffle edges.  

Speaking of sticking together, egg is another important ingredient I the recipe as it will bind the mac and cheese waffle even more. Thanks to just one egg, you will be able to cut, pick up and even dip your mac and cheese waffles… hmm now I'm thinking about what dips to pair with these waffles!

Grab That Waffle Maker!

Any waffle maker will work to make these mac and cheese waffles but I strongly recommend a non stick version to make sure the gooey cheese comes right off (The Prest FlipSide is a great option). I am also partial to waffle makers that make the mac and cheese waffles easy to cut into segments. The Hamilton Beach Flip waffle maker is great to make triangle waffles or the Krups Four Slice is perfect to make a lot of squares. (Our Ultimate Waffle Guide can also help you on your waffle maker search)

Pour the mac and cheese into the waffle maker and cook it just like you would a regular waffle. The mac and cheese will start to brown slightly and pull away from the edges of the waffle grid when it is ready. Flip them out and serve right away while they are nice and hot.

Who Likes Mac and Cheese Waffles?

Everyone! That's why this recipe is so amazing. Not only is it super simple, quick and practically mess free but anyone who likes mac and cheese will be obsessed with these waffles. Kids love them (mac and cheese you can pick up? heck yea!) and they are a perfect passed appetizer for parties- think grown up comfort food!

So over all, the verdict is, you need to make these mac and cheese waffles now. Never put that waffle maker away again, you can use it all day!

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