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So you have a small kitchen- me too! Yet even with limited space, we all still need a great waffle maker. To help solve this problem, I have taken a look at a few different skinny waffle makers that will satisfy our requirement for a waffle maker yet also still fit nicely in our tiny kitchens. If space isn’t an issue for you, check out our Ultimate Buying Guide which reviews all sorts of shapes and sizes of waffle makers. But for now, let’s take a look at these compact four squares!

The Three Contenders

I reviewed three different thin waffle makers that were all fairly comparable to get a good sense at which one was really the best. Each waffle maker is around $30-$40 on Amazon (you can check the current prices using the buttons below) and they all make 4 waffles at once- just because I have a small kitchen doesn’t mean I need a small amount of waffles! All of them are considered to be compact and can be stored upright in a cabinet to keep your counter space clean.

The waffle makers which followed my requirements were the Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Waffle Maker, the Oster DuraCeramic 4 Slice Waffle Maker and the CucinaPro Non Stick Four Square Waffle Maker. SO which wins the title as the best? Let’s find out!

Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Waffle Maker

At only $30, this waffle maker was already a great deal. It has non stick plates and makes really deep Belgian Waffles- perfect for catching all the syrup I pour on my waffles! There is no drip tray or temperature dial for this machine, just a light that tells you when the waffle maker is hot and ready for batter.

It took about 2 1/2 cups of waffle batter to fill the Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Waffle Maker which means these waffles will come out nice and big. After about 3 minutes, the waffles were cooked (that’s pretty fast!) and they came off of the waffle iron cleanly. The waffle maker was mess free and easy to put away in my tiny cabinet.

Overall, this waffle maker worked perfectly! I got my four golden brown waffles and stored away the waffle maker for another day.

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Oster DuraCeramic 4 Slice Waffle Maker

The Oster DuraCeramic also runs about $30 and makes four nice sized waffles. While Oster claims that this machine makes Belgian waffles, the plates are actually quite skinny and more closely resemble regular waffles. However the main feature of this machine is the non stick plates.

PTFE and PFOA free, the DuraCeramic waffle maker uses olive oil infused ceramic plates to cook up the waffles. This means no harmful chemicals and no need to spray the plates to get waffles that come out of the machine cleanly. The ceramic is also suppose to cook the waffles up to 29% faster!

It took about 2 cups of waffle batter to fill up the plates in this waffle maker and after 5 minutes, the tops of the waffles still looked pale while the bottom of the waffles were turning quite brown. The waffles did come out cleanly yet they were not very evenly cooked. While I like the idea of being chemical free, I also enjoy perfectly cooked waffles. Tough choice…

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CucinaPro Non Stick Four Square Waffle Maker

For $40, I expect a little more from this waffle maker than the first two. One feature it does have that the other two machines were lacking is a knob to adjust the heat of the waffle plates. If you like crispy waffles, turn the heat up- it’s nice to be able to adjust this for your preferences!

The CuicinaPro also has ‘True Tone Technology’ which will beep when your waffle is done. No more guessing when it is cooked, just wait for the beep! The waffle plates on this machine are very thin, not Belgian Waffle style at all and there is no indication if the plates are non stick so I went ahead and greased them just to be safe.

I poured in the recommended amount of batter and closed the lid and batter poured out of the machine and on top the counter- a drip tray would have been useful! The timer worked well and the waffles were nice and golden when it went off. The waffles did come out of the machine cleanly but, as I said, I did grease it.

While I really like the timer which takes the guess work out of the waffle making process, that doesn’t make up for the big mess I had to clean (this happened every time I made waffles regardless of how much batter I used), the really skinny waffles or the extra time it takes to grease the waffle maker.

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So, Who Won?!?

It was clear to me that the Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Belgian Waffle Maker was the best of the three I tested. It was non stick, easy to use (no frills), the waffles came out perfectly and cooked quickly. The waffle maker was easy to store and quick to heat up when I needed it. So it’s a win for the Hamilton Beach 4 Piece Belgian Waffle Maker if you need a compact machine than can make a lot of waffles! Check out the full review here or click on the link below to buy one today!

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