How To Make Healthy Waffles

I would love to eat waffles everyday- I mean, who wouldn’t?!? However, sometimes I get concerned thinking about how waffles can be unhealthy. Or at least, they are commonly perceived to be unhealthy. Made with white, processed flour, refined sugars and then smothered in maple syrup is the way many view waffles. However, that does not need to be the case! Waffles can be a very healthy and nutritious way to start your morning. Here are a few tips and trick to make nutritious waffles part of your daily routine!

The Flour

One easy modification you can make to almost any waffle recipe is to substitute white flour for whole wheat or whole grain flour. This simple switch will give your waffles more fiber, more vitamins (mainly B vitamins) and help your body regulate blood sugar better thanks to the low glycemic index of whole wheat flour. Look at that! Already those daily waffles are looking like a great idea!

Don’t stop there though. You can add some beneficial fats to your diet by adding nut flours to the mix. Substitute half the flour in any waffle recipe with almond flour to add a nutty flavor and lower the carb count of your waffles. Almond flour is also high in fiber and protein and therefore makes some very healthy waffles.

Not interested in making your own waffle with flour substitutes? No problem. Try one of the many  amazing waffle mixes available online (we especially like the Bob’s Red Mill 7 Grain Mix or Simple Mills Almond Flour Waffle Mix). It’s just so simple to eat healthy waffles.

Add To The Batter

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It is easy to add nutrients to your waffle batter by using what I like to refer to as “mix ins”. One perfect example is ground flaxseeds. Add a few tablespoons of flaxseed to your waffle batter to put very healthy Omega-3’s into your breakfast. Flaxseeds also do not add any flavor to the batter so you won’t even notice it’s there- all the health benefits with no bad taste!

Mashing up an avocado or a banana is a perfect way to gain some nutrition as well. Both will add subtle flavor and make your waffles nice and moist as well. Simply smash and stir it into your waffle batter! Avocado will provide you with vitamins C, E, K and B-6 as well as magnesium, potassium and some fantastic healthy fats. Banana on the other hand also have vitamins and minerals just packed in a sweeter form! Yay for options.

Healthy Toppings

Maybe you already made waffles and you’d like to add some healthy toppings. Well, your choices are endless! The first option, and maybe the most common, is to add fruit to your waffles. Fresh berries, sliced banana, or some chopped up pears are all nice and simple healthy waffle additions.

Some other healthy waffle topping ideas include chia seeds (loaded with protein), nut butter (tasty healthy fats) or some Greek yogurt (more protein!). If you are thinking to yourself “I really need syrup on my waffles”, don’t worry! There’s a healthy option for you too! Walden Farms makes a delicious calorie free syrup and there’s a caramel calorie free Honest Syrup that you could also try. SO many ways to make your waffles healthy but tasty!

Choose a Better Waffle Maker

Oster DuraCeramic

If you are thinking waffles are unhealthy due to the chemicals that can be found on non stick waffle makers, then you haven’t yet discovered the better waffle maker options out there. Many Oster waffle makers have a nonstick ceramic coating that contains no PTFE chemicals making it a very good, healthy choice.

You could also opt for an “all natural” stove top waffle maker. There are several great choices that are made with cast aluminum or cast iron and have no chemical coatings at all. These waffle makers also do not even need to be plugged in- kind of primitive yet amazingly effective in making healthy waffles.

One thing is for sure, if you have a rusty waffle maker with caked on grease from years and years of use, you may want to consider buying a new one. All that stuck on old waffle batter is not helping your case to make a healthy waffle. An unappealing waffle maker will also probably turn you off from even wanting to make waffles. Check out our guide to the best waffle makers available right now and you will be taking the first step toward adding healthy, yummy waffles to your breakfast routine!

Healthy Waffles? Now You Can Do It!

You are now well equipped with a variety of ways to make your waffles healthier. From replacing the flour to adding supplements to the batter to throwing on some healthy toppings, your waffles are sure to be a nutritious way to start your day. Keep that waffle maker on the counter as you will surely be using it every day!

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