Should You Grease a Waffle Maker?

To grease or not to grease, that is the question. And a good question it is! Some may say it’s a great idea to grease up your waffle maker plates while others may say leave them alone. Each waffle iron manual will probably tell you something different too. So what should you really do? Let’s find out

Non Stick Waffle Irons

There are so many waffle irons out there now that claim to be non-stick. Most of these have waffle iron plates that are coated in teflon or have a similar non-stick chemical applied to them to prevent waffles from sticking to the plates.. These waffle iron plates are made specifically to prevent waffles from sticking so you should stay away from seasoning or greasing them. Resist the urge!

Non stick waffle irons also work best when they are not cleaned with chemicals or scrubbed with anything abrasive. This can wear the non stick coating off and then you’ll be right back to having waffles sticking to the plates! Check out our cleaning guide for more tips on cleaning non-stick waffle irons but the consensus as far as seasoning this type of waffle maker: do not grease a non stick waffle maker.

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

If you happen to have a solid cast iron waffle maker like the Rome Original Cast Iron Stove Top Waffle Maker, then you should definitely season it! This means coating the waffle iron in oil (olive oil, vegetable oil and canola oil all work great) before each use- especially the first time you use it! Use a pastry brush, oil sprayer or paper towel to apply the oil before you add the waffle batter. You can also use melted butter…yummm…

Non Stick Cooking Spray

Stay away from non stick cooking sprays no matter what type of waffle iron you have! Yes, I know, I know, they are super convenient and easy to use. However, that convenience will only last so long!

Non stick sprays can cause build up on your waffle maker plates that is almost impossible to remove. Over time, the plates will get stickier and stickier and your waffles will come out worse and worse. Skip the spray and save yourself the headache now! Your waffle maker will thank you.

But The Waffles are Still Sticking…

So you’ve skipped the grease on your non stick waffle maker and you’ve seasoned your cast iron waffle iron- you followed all the directions! But your waffles are still sticking- what the heck! Well there are two things you can try.

First, give your waffle make a good deep cleaning. Check your owner’s manual or our blog post about cleaning waffle makers to make sure you treat your waffle iron right while cleaning!

If this doesn’t help, take a look at our blog about why your waffles may be sticking to the plates. You may not need spray, grease or seasoning- there may be a whole other problem like batter that is too thin!

If it is too late for your waffle maker (maybe it’s been greased and scrubbed too much), our guide to the best waffle makers is here to help! We will get you on the right track and back to making perfect waffles!

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