Clean a Waffle Maker

How to Clean Your Waffle Maker

Waffles. Aren’t they a lovely breakfast? Or an indulgent dessert? And they are so easy to make at home if you have a waffle maker. With a great waffle maker, it has never been simpler to create this decadent treat.

With so many different brands of waffle makers, it is easy to get one that suits your needs, (if you are in the market for a waffle maker, check out some of our reviews here to find the best one for you!). However, after you buy your dream waffle machine, it needs some tender loving care to make it last forever

Here are the best ways we have found to clean your waffle maker and also prevent any damage.

Starting with the necessary dos and don’ts:

cleaning a waffle maker
  • Always wait for the waffle maker to cool down before trying to clean it!

Maybe this is an obvious one, but it needs to be stated. The waffle maker will be extremely hot because you have just been using it, so do not attempt to clean, touch or move it until it has cooled down. Just unplug the waffle maker, eat your waffles and wait! Don't worry, it will still be messy after you eat your breakfast...

  • Do not submerge in water - or put in the dishwasher

Again, a seemingly obvious rule, but the waffle maker is an electrical appliance so it should never be dunked into water with your normal dishes. It will destroy your machine! (and could give you a nasty shock if it's still plugged in). 

  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools like a steel wool

Most waffle makers will have a lovely non-stick material, such as Teflon, to prevent batter from sticking to it. Any rough cleaning will tear that coating right off and effectively ruin the waffle maker. So stay away from super abrasive materials when you go to clean your machine. (The Cuisinart Double Waffle Maker has some awesome non-stick plates- no need to scrub here!) 

  • Never use a knife to scrape or clean the waffle maker

Ultimately, some batter will leak and harden onto the surface of the waffle maker, but resist the urge to use a sharp object to scrape it off. Scratching at batter with a knife or fork or anything else sharp will ruin the non-stick coating. We will show you later how to get this irritating hard batter off!

  • Always clean the waffle maker after each use

Understandably, cleaning up is a chore and it can be tempting to put the waffle maker away without cleaning it, but it is worth it! At least give it a good wipe down every time to prevent a build-up of batter and oil that will never leave. It will only take a minute, we promise!

  • Do not use soap or cooking spray

This may seem odd but soap can actually damage the non-stick surface so it is always best to use just a damp cloth, sponge or a soft brush. As for cooking spray, it often includes lecithin, which can burn onto a waffle maker as it heats and leave a gooey gum residue that is near impossible to get rid of. Skip the spray and skip the soap!

  • Always refer to the guidelines for your own waffle maker

Our how to list here is safe for any waffle maker but it is always a good idea to read the manual for your own waffle maker, as it may have specific instructions. So don't throw away that booklet that came in the box just yet! It may hold the secrets to a sparkling waffle maker. You can always read our blog about the basics of using a waffle maker, juts in case you threw out the manual! 

Cleaning Process:

Cleaning a waffle maker
  1. After the waffle maker is cool and unplugged, remove any wet batter or oil with a dry paper towel.
  2. Using a soft brush, cloth or sponge, wipe away crumbs and lift any stuck-on batter off with a gentle wipe.
  3. For batter that is very stuck on, use a rubber spatula to lift it off without damaging the non-stick surface (remember, no sharp objects!)
  4. If that doesn’t work, spray the waffle maker with an oil spray (pure olive oil or vegetable oil will work!) and let the batter soften before wiping it off.
  5. Still Stuck? Try putting baking soda on a soft brush or paper towel and gently rubbing at the batter to release it from its grip on your machine.
  6. When there is no batter remaining on the machine, use a damp cloth to wipe the waffle maker, making sure it is all clean (so go into all the crevices, hinges and tunnels... take the time to do it right!)
  7. Make sure that you wipe the outside and the handles as well. You don't want to have sticky old waffle batter hands next time you go to make waffles
  8. Dry the waffle maker before storing away, making sure to tuck away the cord.

Some waffle makers have removable metal plates and these plates can be removed and cleaned in a sink. However, refer to the specific instructions to be certain for your own waffle maker.

If you follow the instructions and rules to take care of your favorite waffle maker and it should last forever. That means perfect waffles for you, your family and friends anytime you'd like! Happy cleaning!

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